About us

Since 2005 Fitomag has specialized in introducing Fitomag’s post-harvest technology of fruit and vegetable production.

Fitomag has been improving its Fitomag technology for 12 years. The company’s top priority is to improve the performance of existing storage technologies, provide guaranteed protection from various physiological and fungal diseases, preserve the quality of fruit during transportation until it reaches the consumer.

Fitomag has over 40 unique specialists, many of which hold scientific degrees.

The company features three laboratories for research, development and testing of new techniques as well as the analysis of control samples.

FitomagInter specialists accompany customers at all stages of production: from the moment crops begin to bloom to the harvesting and until it is placed into storage.

FitomagInter operates in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Serbia and Uzbekistan.



Fitomag extra services:


Determination of the optimal period of harvesting (determination of the degree of maturity of the fruit based on indicators such as endogenous ethylene in the fruit, hardness, sugar and iodine-starch sample index)


Formation of batches based on the compatibility of pomological varieties for joint storage in one room


Determination of the permissible period from fruit harvesting to the Fitomag application until drug effectiveness does not reduce


Monitoring the quality of the processed batches of fruit and comparison with control samples (not processed) during the entire storage period. Providing laboratory data with an objective batch assessment, conclusions and recommendations


Recommendations on the installation of the temperature regime of refrigeration chambers on the storage mode, depending on the variety, quality, degree of maturity of the fruit, biological characteristics of a particular variety (resistance to stress factors, susceptibility to various diseases)